Union Chapel Church

Union Chapel Church

When you leave this place, you don't leave the presence of God.
You take the presence of God with you wherever you go.

Union Chapel Church offers early morning telephone prayer on Wednesdays.
Pastor Wright and First Lady, Patricia Wright, will be on line awaiting your participation. 
The connection will begin at 6:00 a.m. and end at 6:30 a.m.
Please call: 1 (712) 770-4160  Participation code: #986998
It will not be mandatory to identify yourselves.

We respectfully ask that you put your phone on mute when not praying.
If you have to excuse yourself, simply hang up as quietly as possible.
Thank you,
Pastor Wright


                                                                         CONFERENCE CALL ETTIQUETTE

                                                                      Conference call number: 1 (712) 770-4160

                                                                           Participant access code:   986998#


DO get comfortable with the fact that you will be talking in front of a group and receiving no visual cues or feed back.

DO use the right phone in a quiet, undisturbed room.

DON’T use cell phones or phones that pick up background noise. Calling from an open plan office is the equivalent of having a conversation in a nightclub. If you really can’t find a room, use the mute button until you are required to speak.

DO learn to use the mute button and other phone technology to avoid a ‘Homer Simpson’ style ‘DOH’… moment! Your intelligent contributions mean nothing if no one can hear them.

DO set up the meeting in advance and communicate the dial number, pass codes and other information. Spring forward, fall back is something to keep in mind for your time zone crossing colleagues.  Don’t work out time differences on your fingers – check on the internet or even phone a colleague in that country or area and ask what time it is.

DO start the meeting absolutely on time; don’t reward latecomers’ bad behavior by waiting for them. Take a roll call at the start of the meeting, highlighting the missing attendees. Go on, get tough, people will love you for it.

DO treat the conference call as if it were a meeting. You know the routine, prepare and circulate an agenda, take notes. Etc.

Do get each caller to say hello and introduce themselves. Even though you may never meet in person, it’s a good relationship builder and gets the shyest people to at least say their name.

DON’T assume everyone recognizes your voice. Unless you are disrespecting the leader and want to stay incognito, say your name before you speak. This is particularly important for the person who is taking meeting notes.

DO make use of guest speakers. Invite a special or important guest and get them to say a few words at the beginning of the meeting. No one will know they slipped out after five minutes and you’ll get the benefit of undivided attention and best behavior.

DON’T allow the topic to wander. Be an iron fist in a velvet glove: polite but firm if people talk too long or over each other. If your callers are at home sitting in their pajamas, nursing a hot chocolate, be considerate that all they want is to go to bed.

DO ask for input by using a person’s name. People will pay more attention to avoid the embarrassment of needing the question repeated.

DON’T shuffle papers; scrape chairs, pencil tap, hum or other distracting, noisy activities.

DO close the meeting formally, thanking everybody for their time. That little bit of recognition will make them feel good about talking to you again.


Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through technology as we endeavor to serve the Lord and His people while developing a healthy balance between our personal and corporate responsibilities.