Union Chapel Church

Union Chapel Church

When you leave this place, you don't leave the presence of God.
You take the presence of God with you wherever you go.

                                                                         P.A.M. (Performing Arts Ministry)

                                                                                    Mission Statement

The mission of P.A.M – Performing Arts Ministry at Union Chapel Church is to prepare, and teach our youth and adults who have a strong personal interest in the arts to successfully pursue higher learning in their anointed appointments as ministers of the gospel through dance, drama, music & art. We will help them discover and develop their unique skills and talents through an intense, integrated arts program; through workshops, mentorship, conferences, and in-house class settings.


Our group growth development encourages our team on how to prepare for the professional and secular world through the gospel. The outcome is to become a disciplined artist/minister performing church programs, plays, choir and special programs.