Union Chapel Church

Union Chapel Church

When you leave this place, you don't leave the presence of God.
You take the presence of God with you wherever you go.

  • Leo Bunion, Chairperson
    Leo Bunion, Chairperson
  • Rochelle Bunion
    Rochelle Bunion
  • Sharmaine Bunion
    Sharmaine Bunion
  • JoAnn Shumate
    JoAnn Shumate
  • Margaretta Gerrell
    Margaretta Gerrell
Leo Bunion, Chairperson
Leo Bunion, Chairperson

Mission Statement

The Union Chapel Church Deacons minister to the congregation as the Pastor's representatives in matters that will further the growth of the individual member and the corporate body in reaching souls for Christ. Adhering to the great commission given by Jesus in  (Matthew 28:19), “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”. We are servants set aside for the purpose of assisting the pastor and caring for the membership.

Diaconate Ministry

Listed are the qualifications of deacons, as found in (1 Timothy 3:8-13) and (Acts 6:3).

  • A deacon must have a good reputation. The phrase “of good reputation” is synonymous with the word “reverent.” To be “reverent” is to be “honorable” and “devout.” A deacon’s reputation should be seen in his/her home and in his work outside the church.
  • A deacon must be a man/woman of his word. A deacon is a person who can be trusted. They must not say one thing and do another. This qualification is one of trust.
  • A deacon must try to live above reproach. Realizing our sinful nature is present in all we do, we believe a Deacon must strive to live a life that does not call into question his integrity and growing relationship with God.
  • A deacon must be a generous giver to his church. This is to say that a deacon should tithe. The Bible says that, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” If you do not give to the service of the church, your heart will not be there to serve.
  • A deacon must have a good grip on God’s word. This means that a deacon should be a student of God’s word. When a deacon knows God’s word then he will do God’s word.
  • A deacon must be proven. A person is not ordained as a deacon in order to acquire these qualifications. He/she is ordained because they already have them. A person who is nominated as a deacon should have already been shown to be faithful in his service, church attendance, tithing, witnessing, prayer, and Bible study.
  • A deacon should be blameless. Again this does not mean sinless but means that there is nothing someone can accuse him of, and that he/she lives with a clean conscience.
  • A deacon must be of one spouse at a time. Our church recognizes divorce as an unfortunate result of sin in the world, but also understands the ability of God's grace to transform and renew those who have experienced it.
  • A deacon must be the spiritual leader of his/her home. It is in the home that a deacon develops his/her spiritual leadership by setting the proper example, showing love to his mate and children, resolving conflict, and serving humbly, as well teaching the scripture.
  • A deacon must be a good father/mother. This does not mean that a deacon’s children are to be blameless or perfect, but they have been taught and nurtured in the scriptures, guided safely, and disciplined appropriately.